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No matter what’s going on with your dog, we can help.

Whether its barking, chewing, digging or just basic manners.

My Dogs Daycare offers a range of training services to match what you and your dog needs.

Check out our training options:

  • Puppy school

  • Obedience course

  • Private in-home consultation

  • Half-hour training at All Day Daycare

"If  your dog isn't learning, change the way you teach"

~Sacha Beatson

Puppy School

This is class training where you and your puppy attend a 4-week course at My Dogs Daycare in Wilston for 1 hour every week.

The classes are held at 7–8pm on Tuesday evenings.

Next puppy school course


In the classes, our qualified dog trainer covers all aspects of raising your puppy and being a great puppy parent to help them grow into well-rounded, calm and happy canine citizens.

We focus heavily on behavioural problems, toilet training and biting. We also cover fun stuff like drop and sit.

These classes:

  • allow them to meet other puppies in a controlled environment

  • are their introduction to social situations, how to manage and cope with them calmly.

All puppies must be 8–16 weeks old and have had at least one vaccination.

BONUS: Get your first day of daycare free after completing puppy school.

Obedience Course


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Private in-home Consultation

It can be very hard for dog parents when they ‘just don’t know what to do anymore!’

Unfortunately, more and more dog parents feel at their wits’ end about their dog’s behaviour, which can be distressing for everyone—parents, family and dog.

We are very invested in helping these dogs and bringing harmony to the home.

Therefore, we can offer you a private consultation in your own home.

Our qualified dog trainer will do a very in-depth consultation, which can take up to 4 hours. You will then receive ongoing support and a program to follow.

Note: The discussion is with the dog parent not the dog—as they know how to be a dog. It’s what the parent does that will change the dog.

These private consultations are available Saturdays and Sundays only.

Due to the seriousness of these consultations, we would like to discuss your dog before you book. Please call us on (07) 3856 5555

Half Hour training at All Day Daycare

Although we encourage and keep dogs working on their manners every day, some dogs may need a little more.

So, if your dog is already attending All Day Daycare, you can book add-on training for them.

We’ll design a half-hour lesson that is private and personalised to cover whatever areas you feel your dog needs extra work on.

Or we can just have fun and teach them a new trick—which may take a few lessons but is definitely worth it.

These lessons are only available when you book All Day Daycare visits.

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