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'As more and more dog owners called me with socialisation problems and became nervous of dog parks (rightly so!), I felt I had to give them a better option. It’s one thing to socialise your dog, but it’s another to know how and who to socialise your dog with'. ~ Sacha Beatson

Give your dog a fun filled life

Our a team have a genuine love for dogs, regardless of their size or breed. 

My Dogs Daycare are committed to delivering a balanced, safe, fun, open play environment that focuses on friendships, education and exercise for your pup.

You are leaving someone who is a part of your family with us and our team will treat your pet the same way they would their own.

We can’t wait to provide you and your pup with an experience that will surpass your expectations! Your pup will come home happy and exhausted.

Whether they are here to play, train or be groomed…or maybe all three.

Meet the owner

My dogs daycare sacha jemba pic.jpg

My Dogs Daycare is owned and operated by specialist dog listener, Sacha Beatson. 

Sacha is passionate about helping decrease the number of dogs that are given up or euthanised due to behavioural issues. Sacha wanted to design a centre to help dogs play in a safe socialisation environment, exercise and be educated correctly, ultimately making them better canine citizens.

Sacha has been working with dogs and their owners for more than 24 years.

Sacha spent 4 years in the UK working as a vet nurse, running puppy preschools and advising clients on dog and cat behavioural problems.

Sacha received a Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour from the British Veterinary Nursing Association.

After moving to Australia in 2002, Sacha continued in the animal industry, focusing on dog behaviour.

Since 2006, Sacha has run her own dog behavioural business, working with dogs and owners all over Brisbane.

Sacha has also become qualified as a professional Dog Listener.

Sacha decided to open My Dogs Daycare so she could still continue training and offer a range of other services all in one place.

Sacha strives to help dogs and their owners understand each other to provide a calm and happy home.

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