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squeaky clean bath

Got a stinky dog? Then let us take care of that for you, we bath dogs in warm clean water (we do not recycle water).

We only use the very best high grade products so we can get the best results for your dog to look and smell amazing but also to diminish reactions or allergies your dog may have to shampoos/conditioners.

You are welcome to have your dog washed whilst at their daycare session, just add it to your booking.

Or you are welcome to just come in for a bath

(no meet and greet necessary). 

Bookings are essential.


add Daycare for just $35

Bring your dog to My Dogs Daycare and let our team of talented and gentle groomers work their magic. Our wonderful staff is dedicated to providing a stress-free grooming experience for your furry friend, leaving them looking and feeling their best.

About our Groomers

Annie is from Sweden is a very talented groomer with years of experience as a professional dog groomer, she cares immensely about not only how your dog will look, but the experience she can create for them whilst they are in her care. She is very knowledgeable in different breed grooms, she enjoys making our pups beautiful.

Renee is a wonderful groomer who works full time with us, she is super gentle and does beautiful work, her goal is to also educate owners with very nervous dogs on how to help their dogs at home to make grooming easier for their pups. You can often hear her talking or singing to her pups all day.

Emma works in our daycare and looks after the washing and blow drying, however she is a budding new groomer learning the trade along side our professionals and becoming a great little groomer.

Book your dog in today and you'll both want to come back again and again.

Grooming Every weekDay

Sizing Guide Estimate

Grooms are generally based on your dogs weight.

However prices may differ depending on your dogs size, weight and coat.

Guide ONLY
0 - 5 kg Toy                                                5 - 10 kg Small
11 - 18 kg Med                                        19 - 26 kg Large
27 - 35 kg X-Large                                  Over 35 kg Giant
De-Matting - Additional $25 - $55

Dematting fee will be applied before your dog goes home if necessary.

We only use quality products

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