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squeaky clean bath

Got a stinky dog? Then let us take care of that for you, we hyrobath dogs in warm clean water (we do not recycle water).

We only use high grade natural organic shampoos so we can get the best results so your dog looks and smells amazing but also to diminish as much as possible any allergies your dog may have to shampoos/conditioners.

You are welcome to have your dog washed whilst at their daycare session, just add it to your booking.

Or you are welcome to just come in for a hydrobath

(no meet and greet necessary). 

Bookings are essential.


add Daycare for just $30


At My Dogs we care so much about your furry friends, that we want to give them a caring and loving grooming experience, that not only will they want to see us again and again, you will too!  

Sizing Guide 

All grooms are based on your dogs weight.

Size Guide

0 - 5 kg Toy

5 - 10 kg Small

11 - 18 kg Med

19 - 26 kg Large

27 - 35 kg X-Large

Over 35 kg Giant

De-Matting - Additional $25 - $55

We only use quality products

About our Groomer

Our groomer Gizelle is a second generation groomer with years of experience as a professional dog groomer, she cares immensely about not only how your dog will look, but the experience she can create for them whilst they are in her care. Gizelle is extremely gentle and treats every dog as an individual with loving care and is particular gifted with first time puppy grooms. 

Book your dog in today and you'll both want to come back again and again.


Teddy Bear Style

Includes - Scissor finish, full body brush, undercoat removal, hand blow dry, nail trim, ear clean and pluck, organic shampoo & conditioner.

A Long comb is used for this cut to achieve a teddy bear look, that only very talented groomers can achieve, it is an in-depth groom that takes time and suits mostly Oodle Curly Breeds.

(Please allow up to 3 1/2 hours depending on the size of your dog.)

Please note -  If your dog bites or becomes extremely aggressive towards our groomer, we will cease the groom and you will be contacted immediately to collect your dog. The full price will still be charged upon your pick up.

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