Terms & Conditions

1. Your dog must be a minimum of 12 weeks to attend daycare and must have two rounds of vaccinations (dog C3 + K9 Cough).

2. All dogs will be assessed by My Dogs Daycare Staff for suitability for daycare. The assessment will be conducted during the first booking at daycare.

3. My Dogs Daycare reserves the right to refuse entry to any dog.

4. You agree to pay all costs and charges for optional dog services requested by you.

5. In the event of your dog needing veterinary help or has a life threatening illness or injury, if you are not contactable, My Dogs Daycare will ensure the dog receives immediate veterinary treatment of a provider of our choice. You agree to pay all veterinary costs for your dog whist in My Dogs Daycare care. (We recommend all clients to have their own Pet Insurance).

6. You agree to be solely responsible for any and all acts or behaviour of the dog while it is in My Dogs Daycare care.

7. You are the sole owner of the dog, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.

8. The dog will be released from daycare only to persons named within your customer records. You must advise in writing naming any other authorised persons to collect your dog with at least 24 hours notice to info@mydogsdaycare.com.au.

9. If a dog is abandoned, My Dogs Daycare has the right to give the dog up for adoption or give up the dog to a canine rescue centre. My Dogs Daycare may take this action if you do not advise of a collection date within one (1) week of the last booked daycare service.

10. Under no circumstances will My Dogs Daycare, its employees be responsible for paralysis tick, canine influenza, injury, loss, damage or death of any kind whatsoever, whether or not caused by any negligent act or omission of My Dogs Daycare or its employees, that may occur to any dog attending at My Dogs Daycare.

11. You agree home pick up and drop off refers to the collection of dogs from their home address between the hours of 6-8am and the drop off of dogs to their home address between 5-7pm.

12. If you are not at home when the driver arrives to collect your dog, then a collection process must be organised between yourself and My Dogs Daycare 24 hours prior to your booking. If our staff are unable to access your dog for whatever reason you will be contacted by SMS. In the event you do not reply within two minutes of receipt of the SMS the driver will move on to their next collection. In this instance, the daycare fee will be non-refundable.

13. To cancel or reschedule a home pick up the customer must contact My Dogs Daycare by 5pm, the day prior to the scheduled home pick up.

14. If you are not at home when the driver arrives to drop off your dog at the agreed time, or is unable to secure your dog in your yard as agreed by you, you will be contacted by SMS and the dog will be returned to the facility where you can collect your dog within open hours. If you are unable to pick up your dog within open hours the dog will be boarded overnight at My Dogs Daycare. In this instance, a $100 fee will be incurred.

15. All pick up and drop off services are only available to clients living within a 15km radius of My Dogs Daycare.

16. If the My Dogs Daycare driver is delayed in meeting the agreed collection or drop off window you will be notified by SMS.

17. All daycare sessions and transport fees require full payment at time of booking.

18. You can place your Dynamic Player package on hold once during the 6 month package deal for a total of up to two weeks. Requests for Time Hold must be made in writing to info@mydogsdaycare.com.au with at least two weeks notice.

19. Dynamic player packages pick up and drop off service is only valid to customers within 15km radius of My Dogs Daycare.

20. Any package deal which are not used in full are non-refundable and are only refundable at the discretion of My Dogs Daycare. Any efforts to apply for a refund on a package deal must be made in writing to info@mydogsdaycare.com.au

21. Cancellation of your Booking Date – you agree to contact the My Dogs Daycare directly by phone no later than 6pm on the day prior to your daycare session.

22. You may not transfer your membership to any other dog not named within this contract.

23. You understand that daycare rates are reviewed periodically and may increase.