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Terms & Conditions

  1. I acknowledge my dog is a minimum of 12 weeks old and fully vaccinated ( with C5 vaccine).

  2. I acknowledge my dog is desexed or will be desexed at the age of 8 months.

  3. I Understand my dog will be assessed by My Dogs Daycare Staff for suitability for daycare. The assessment will be conducted during their first booking at daycare.

  4. I understand My Dogs Daycare will continue to asses my dogs behaviour during every visit and at any point may determine my dog is no longer suitable for daycare. ( should this occur a refund of rany emaining credits will be given).

  5. I understand My Dogs Daycare reserves the right to refuse entry to any dog for any reason.

  6. I acknowledge that I am the owner of my dog, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.

  7. I understand my dog will be released from daycare only to persons named within my customer records and that I must advise in writing naming any other authorised persons to collect my dog with at least 24 hours notice to

  8. I understand if I abandon my dog My Dogs Daycare has the right to give my dog up for adoption or hand my dog into a canine rescue centre. My Dogs Daycare may take this action if i do not advise of a collection date within one (1) week of the last booked daycare service.

  9. I understand all services require full payment at the time of the confirmed booking ( for repeat grooming bookings a credit card will need to be added to my account which will be charged on the day of each groom).

  10. I agree to pay in advance all costs and charges for optional dog services requested by me.

  11. I understand if I buy a Dynamic Player package it may be put on hold once during the 6 month package deal for a total of up to two weeks and that requests for Time Hold must be made in writing to with at least two weeks notice. This does not include days in which My Dogs Daycare is closed (ie Christmas Break).

  12. I understand credits do not accrue for public holidays (when closed) during the Dynamic Player package.

  13. I understand any package deal which are not used in full are non-refundable and are only refundable at the discretion of My Dogs Daycare. Any efforts to apply for a refund on a package deal must be made in writing to

  14. I understand all packages expire after 6 months and any outstanding credits are forfeited.

  15. I understand I can not transfer my package to any other dog unless it is a dog which I have ownership too.

  16. I acknowledge and agree that My Dogs Daycare has an extra charge up to $50 in addition to the fees for my dog’s groom if his/her coat is matted due to the extra time taken and the additional wear on My Dogs Daycare equipment.

  17. I understand My Dogs Daycare will try to contact me prior to adding a de-matting fee, however if I am uncontactable the fee will be automatically added.

  18. I understand if an unpaid balance remains unpaid for 60 days or more, unless another arrangement is made, My Dogs Daycare account will be turned over to a collection agency and that as a result I will be liable for collection costs and attorney fees in addition to the unpaid balance.

  19. I understand that all rates for services at My Dogs Daycare are reviewed periodically and may increase.

  20. I agree to provide a copy of my dog’s proof of desexing and annual C3/C5 vaccination certificate to My Dogs Daycare and update them as necessary.

  21. I understand in the event of my dog needing veterinary help or has a life threatening illness or injury and not contactable, My Dogs Daycare will ensure my dog receives immediate veterinary treatment from a provider of My Dogs Daycare choice. I agree to pay all veterinary costs for my dog to the veterinary clinic that my dog is treated at.  (My Dogs Daycare recommends all clients to have their own Pet Insurance).

  22. I acknowledge to not bring my dog to My Dogs Daycare if they display symptoms of being unwell e.g. kennel cough; unusually tired; ringworm; recent injury; commenced treatment; surgery; diarrhea; vomiting, on heat or coughing.

  23. I understand if there is matting in my dog’s coat, My Dogs Daycare groomers may have to shave my dog’s coat extremely short to the skin & they may show signs of skin irritations and sores due to matting, wet undercoat & dirty coat. In addition, because the groomer is working so close to the skin, my dog can be nicked or cut and there is a risk of hematomas forming due to the tension being released from matting removal and Veterinary assistance maybe required after the de-matting process.

  24. I understand clipping my dogs nails can result in bleeding and that My Dogs Daycare will advise if veterinary assistance is needed.

  25. I agree to be solely responsible for any and all acts or behaviour of my dog while it is in My Dogs Daycare care.

  26. I understand under no circumstances will My Dogs Daycare or its employees be responsible for sickness or death caused by paralysis tick, canine influenza, illness or injury of any kind whatsoever that may occur to my dog whilst attending at My Dogs Daycare.

  27. I acknowledge I am responsible for all medical fees if my dog causes serious harm/injury to any staff or other dog/s whilst in the care of My Dogs Daycare.

  28. I understand that if my dog is aggressive or bites any other dogs or staff members, My Dogs Daycare reserves the right to refuse service and that all bites will be reported to the local authorities as required by law.

  29. I understand that My Dogs Daycare attendees are free roaming under the guidance of employees within the facility and I accept the risks involved and agree to waive and relinquish all claims against My Dogs Daycare, its employees, and representatives, except those arising from negligence on the part of My Dogs Daycare. 

  30. I understand and agree that My Dogs Daycare shall not be held responsible for any damage to my property, or that of others, caused by my dog during the period in which they are in My Dogs Daycare and agree to replace damage property caused by my dog.

By continuing with your booking you agree to all terms and conditions listed above.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and I certify my acceptance for my dog(s) of these terms and conditions by signing the online agreement of My Dogs Daycare.

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