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My Dogs Daycare

My Dogs Daycare offers a fun, safe, educational and loving environment where your dog can have the attention they deserve when you’re not around.

They’ll get to interact with other like-minded dogs of their size and energy levels in a variety of areas and they’ll have access to toys, obstacle courses and ample play space.

We know it can be hard leaving for the first time or any time actually that's why we do NOT charge extra if you would like a video/picture of your dog whilst they are at Daycare.
Sometimes we also have fun days making special gifts for our humans too - we do this FREE of charge its our way of saying thanks to you.

But wait there's more

You can also book in extra services that your dog may need, such as:

  • walks in the park

  • pick-up and drop-off service

  • private and group training

  • puppy school

  • hydrobath/grooming

At My Dogs Daycare

Your dog will have the opportunity to:

  • have time meeting new friends and reconnecting with BFFs

  • play games while incorporating basic training (shhh...they don’t know they’re being trained!)

  • have calm time where we get to pat, rub bellies and relax together

  • get ready for another play before saying goodbye to our friends till next time.

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Who can come to daycare?

All dogs at our centre must:

  • be at least 14 weeks of age

  • be desexed if 7 months or older

  • complete a first day trial at My Dogs Daycare

  • have proof of vaccinations—C3 in the previous 3 years or titre test in the previous 1 year and all dogs require C5 Canine Cough vaccine yearly

  • be in good health and not have had a communicable condition within the previous 30 days—we’ll require veterinarian certificate of health to be admitted or readmitted

  • be free of any condition that could jeopardise other dogs, including fleas or ticks

  • be non-aggressive and not protective of food or toys

  • have a complete up-to-date and approved registration form.

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150 Edmondstone St,

Wilston. 4051

ABN 85573725464