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My Dogs Daycare

Daycare, Training & Grooming

Our team have a genuine love for dogs, regardless of their size or breed. 
My Dogs Daycare is committed to delivering a balanced, safe, fun, open play environment that focuses on friendships, education and exercise for your pup.

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DayCare Packages
+ FREE Baths

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We are ALL about your dog

You’re leaving someone who is a part of your family with us and our team will treat your pet the same way they would their own. We can’t wait to provide you and your pup with an experience that will surpass your expectations!


Your pup will come home happy and exhausted.

Whether they are here to play, train or be groomed…or maybe all three.


We keep a pack to a manageable size and the dogs are never left alone.

We don’t accept aggressive or unsocial dogs into daycare. Therefore, we ask owners to be very frank with us about their dog’s social behaviour. Introducing an unsocial dog can be detrimental to that dog and others.

We’re happy to discuss a training program to help these dogs and owners.


Safety is our greatest concern. Therefore, we have taken the greatest care when designing our centre with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind.

Our playroom floors are specially constructed with compressed, high-quality rubber that is soft and comfortable on their joints, easy to sanitise, and makes for happy paws and pups.

Our standard is to disinfect all surfaces and equipment twice daily with pet-safe cleaning products. We take great pride in the cleanliness of our centre.

Want your pet to come and play?




No matter what your pet's needs are we focus on training with compassion and kindness.

A friendly engaging experience for you and your pet from beginning to end. 


My Dogs Daycare ensures your pet is pampered and returned to you feeling good, looking good and smelling good. 

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Just a hand full of Our Clients

Our staff

We have hand-picked each of our amazing staff members. Each brings their own qualities and qualifications in all areas of dog care and training.

Our team of dog care professionals provide quality care in a safe and supervised environment.

They are skilled in dog body language and behaviour. Our playroom attendants aren’t just watchdogs—they keep each group balanced and harmonised.

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Contact Us

(07) 3856 5555
0431 117 136


150 Edmondstone St,
Wilston. 4051

Opening Times


Mon- Fri

7.30am - 5.30pm

Closed Public Holidays

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